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AUSKERRY HOUSE. Named after Auskerry (Old Norse = East Skerry), a small island in the Orkneys,
* 3 miles south of Stronsay.

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Auskerry island  External - from above  Garden facing NE  Hall  Improve_1  Improve_11
Auskerry lighthouse  Front elevation [1]  Garden facing N  Kitchen [1]  Improve_2  Improve_12
Auskerry data  Front elevation [2]  Garden facing NW  Kitchen [2]  Improve_3  Improve_13
   Front elevation [3]  Garden facing SE  Lounge [1]  Improve_4  Improve_14
Estate Agent's leaflet  Rear elevation [1]  Garden - facing S   Lounge [2]  Improve_5  Improve_15
Internal Layout  Rear elevation [2]  Garden - facing NE [2]  Landing  Improve_6  Improve_16
   lounge-1  Garden - facing NE [3]  Bedroom 1[a]  Improve_7  Improve_17
   kitchen-1  Garden - facing orchard  Bedroom 1[b]  Improve_8  Improve_18
   Kitchen-2  Small flowerbed  BR1 [en-suite]  Improve_9  Improve_19
   Garden - far view  Garden - bedroom view  Bedroom 2  Improve_10  Improve_20